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We are glad you are here! With a few examples tagged below we hope to offer you a first hand view into our world of custom railing/fabrication. Our shop creates, designs and fabricates thousands of lineal feet of guardrail on a quarterly basis. This not only gives us the unique experience and knowledge to build and design the superior product in Central Oregon but it allows you to rest assured that you are receiving the top quality with the most return for your money (guaranteed) Here at BSS&F we want you to enjoy what we create together for decades to come, not just for a passing moment.


Here are a few of our railing options:

  • Vertical picket
  • Horizontal round rod (this can be a budget friendly option to mimic a cable rail)
  • Cable
  • Horizontal flat bar
  • Ornamental
  • ADA
  • Single line handrail
  • Truck dock rail
  • 2 rung tubed rail
  • 3 rung tubed rail
  • Spiral stair rail

Did we not list what you are looking for? Please give us a call and lets collab to build what you need!


For the best look into our world and current jobs please check out our Instagram or Facebook page @bendsteelsupply 

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