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Bend Steel Supply and Fabrication Services

We specialize in high quality materials and services.  We treat you the same whether our involvement in your project is a comparative competitive quote, or the fabrication of every flight of stairs for 7 stories (structural included).

Here at BSS&F we fabricate metal products from scratch as well as repair old ones. Our fabrication capabilities are perfect for homeowners, businesses, and hobbyists. Our services include handrails, staircases, ADA railing, dock rail, structural, ornamental gates, trash enclosures, metal furniture, the fabrication of bumpers, racks and flatbeds and not limited to. You have an idea? Our job is to put your idea to work and make it a reality offering the superior product and result for a long lasting outcome you can be proud of for generations to come.

With decades of welding experience, we have the capability to take your project from concept to completion. Let us show you how our metal fabrication solutions will be a perfect fit for your next project

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